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Tourism is one of the fastest growing industries on the planet. Global prosperity, cheap airline fees and an increase in accommodation options have determined that each year more and more people choose to travel to a different destination to spend their holidays. But mass tourism is responsible for creating very serious social and environmental issues, which have become totally unsustainable.

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A plastic bag or a jellyfish?

One of the most tangible problems generated by this industry is the amount of garbage produced. Many developing countries do not have a waste collection system, and if they do it is extremely defective. As a result, many of the once untouched paradise landscapes are becoming similar to landfills. A great amount of trash will eventually end up in the ocean: every year, more than 8 million tonnes of plastic are dumped into the sea, and it is estimated that by 2050 there will be more plastic than fish in the oceans. Plastic causes the death of millions of marine fauna each year, and as it decomposes into small pieces, it is eaten by the fish, and subsequently enters our food chain.

Travel Zero Waste proposes a radical new approach to travelling, which intends to find a solution to this and many other problems created by the tourism sector. It advocates a more conscious and responsible traveller, one that is invited to reflect upon the impact he/she creates in the places he/she visits. The choices we make while we travel, and the way we choose to behave and to spend our money can actively generate a better world. Our choices need to be more environmentally aware: we need to refuse all kinds of single use plastic, avoid producing any sort of garbage, cautiously consume local resources and compensate our carbon footprint. But at the same time, these choices also need to be ethical: to avoid multinational hotels, restaurants, shops and supermarkets; to support the local community, by lodging in homestays, eating local food and buying handmade souvenirs and commodities; to engage with eco-friendly and social projects and companies for the organization of activities and sightseeing.

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Travelling can be an eye opener for the threats our planet is facing. When we put a plastic bottle in the waste bin back home, it will magically disappear from our sight. But if you do it while spending your holidays in a remote island, that bottle will be disposed next to your beach, and eventually you will find it on the shore. Every time we refuse a plastic bottle, a plastic straw or a plastic bag, we are making a statement. We are saying that we want to live in a healthier and cleaner world. We are saying that we want to become a part of the solution rather than a part of the problem.

Travel Zero Waste is an adventure that starts with the choices we make. Travel Zero Waste starts with you.


New to Zero Waste?

Ebook - Travel Zero Waste Positive Impact

E-Book: Travel Zero Waste

Beginners guide for a sustainable travel.

The ultimate guide for a Zero Waste travel! Find some precious tips about how to pack your bag, what items to include in your travel kits, how to choose the most ethical and sustainable options available in your destination for accomodation, eating, activities and souvenirs, and much, much more! Small choices can have a huge impact. Start your TZW adventure here!

What is in the book?

How to become a zero waste traveller.


Pack your luggage wisely.
Travel light, and make sure you will bring exactly what you need for a Zero Waste holiday.


Always carry your daily kit.

With a few items in your bag, you can reduce your daily waste consumption to zero.


Refuse single use plastics.

Say no to plastic straws, bags and bottles. And avoid all other sorts of plastics.


Buy and behave responsibly.

Your money is your vote. The way you use your money builds the world you travel in.


Support the local community.

Support the local community.


Think about the impact of your actions.

The social, ethical and environmental advantages of being a Zero Waste Traveller.

Get started right now!

Travel Zero Waste

Basic Tools For Starting Our Journey

Travel Zero Waste Kits

The TZW Kits help us to reduce the consumption of single use plastics in our daily life while travelling and to take a big step towards a more sustainable lifestyle: keeping our oceans clean and our planet healthy means more benefits for everyone! The Kits contain the basic items we need in order to get ready for our Zero Waste journey.

The Kits:

1. Basic Hygiene Kit
Clean yourself while protecting the planet.

2. Female Hygiene Kit
A Hygiene Kit that  helps to provide all the little necessities you need to keep clean and fresh.

3. Daily Kit
Things you should carry in your bag.

Zero Waste Map

Find the best Zero Waste Points from around the world.

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Get ready for a zero waste travel.

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